Friday, January 21, 2011

Wikipedia Protected Titles

So it turns out that you can't just open any old page on Wikipedia. It turns out that your lamer pages get deleted, and if people insist on repeatedly starting pages that have been deleted, then the gods at Wikipedia (Jimbo himself, assuredly) will forbid a page with that title from ever being created. A page exists, though, listing those particularly taboo titles. Most are obviously vanity pages, people started pages about themselves or maybe their aunts or pet goldfish or something. But it's a very cool list nonetheless, filled with pages that would undoubtedly be exciting had the Jimbo hordes allowed them to exist. Think how weaker Wikipedia is without pages on the following:
  • "41 (sleepy rubbish)"
  • "Create new article" (and dozens of variations)
  • "Pink elephants painting daisies"
  • "Wikipedia troll"
  • "Reality has become a commodity" (and dozens involving Stephen Colbert in some way)
  • "California's Canada", "Idaho's Portugal" and "Washington's Mexico"
  • "Chillax"
  • "Uncle Sherm's Visit"
  • "Big Love of the Pimp Click Playaz"
  • "Mangina"
  • "British Pop Tart"
  • "Crappy Crapperton and the Skreeming Meemies"
  • "List of faggots"
  • "Maax GRUNTS"
  • "President Hillary Clinton"
  • "Rapetastic"
  • "Tourettes Guy"
  • "Wikipedia is gay"
  • "YOU SUCK"
  • "Ellen Degenerate"
  • "Butt pirate"
  • "Gaggabagga"
  • "Pinky the porn star"
  • "Red wings (sexual act)"
  • "Steak and Blowjob Day"
  • "The coolest kid in the world"
  • "Your step grandpa"
  • "A whale's vagina"
  • "Baby rape" (and six variations)
  • "Spongebong hemppants"
  • "Why South Africa Sucks"
  • "Cankle"
  • "List Of Things Faster Than A Dog"
  • "Small penis humiliation"
  • "Greatest Hits (50 Cent album)"
  • "Free toast...." (with the ellipsis)
  • "Non stop divas"
  • "Fried chicken up the ass"
The list is thousands long, but that's about all I could deal with before food-buggery started to bore me...

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