Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Dare", a short story

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Judge: Okay, now, ma'am and sir, what brings you here today?

She: I'd like to file for divorce, your honour.

Judge: And you sir?

He: Your honour, it's her who wants the divorce.

Judge: I see. And how long have you been married?

He: Five years now.

Judge: And is there any special reason why you're filing for divorce, ma'am?

She: I just think it's time I lived my life on my own.

He: Your honour, she's been saying that for weeks now. I really can't understand why. I mean, I made her who she is! She owes me everything!

She: Now, that's not true, your honour.

He: It is true. She was just a waitress when I met her. I turned here into someone new. Now she's got the world at her feet!

Judge: Ma'am, is this true, what your husband is claiming?

She: Well, your honour. I was a waitress. That much is true. But I wasn't just going to stay working for my whole life in a cocktail bar, you know. Sooner or later I'd have found a better place. Either with or without him.

He: Why you ungrateful...

Judge: Hold it right there, now. I'll not have that sort of behaviour in my courtroom. Anyway, sir, it's immaterial what you may or may not have done for your wife. The important question is how she feels. Ma'am, do you still love him?

She: Your honour, I do.

Judge: Well then, I don't understand. Why do you want to leave him?

She: I guess it's just what I must do.
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