Friday, November 4, 2011

Jandek Covers on Google Street View

I've talked about Jandek before (here and here). I love him - or rather just as much as anyone else, I both love him and hate him. I'm much more fascinated with the man as an idea than I am interested in sitting down and listening to him. But I got to combining my fascination with the man with my fascination with Google Maps Street View, and I tried to 'track down' some of the Irish album covers - with help, of course, from the Jandek mailing list. So here's two of them, the album cover and the Google Maps screencap.

The cover of Jandek's I Threw You Away

Google Maps Street View screenshot of Cork, Ireland

The cover of Jandek's Glasgow Friday

Google Maps Street View screenshot of Bushmills, Northern Ireland

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