Sunday, May 2, 2010

Greatest Hits

Just a bit of back-patting. I've chosen ten entries from other blogs I keep that tickle my fancy. I don't guarantee they're the best; just ones I happen to like.
  1. Michael Jackson's "Bad", anagrammed: I can't actually take full credit for this, as it's based on an online anagram generator. But it's still silly and makes me smile.
  2. My True Love, a short story: Though my Christmas blog is for rather obvious reasons on hiatus, it features two rather decent short stories. Here's one.
  3. Google Insights for MSNBC, CNN and FOX: I keep a blog that does nothing more than analyse Google Insights data. Silly, I realise, but sometimes fun. Or, on this rare occasion, maybe even illustrative.
  4. "Tears are Not Enough" by Northern Lights: Though I keep a blog that disses one horrible song every week, this particular one was I think lovingly venomous.
  5. "Groove is in the Heart" by Deee-Lite: Don't think it's all hatred around these parts. Here's a loving tribute to one of my favourite songs ever.
  6. Canaan Banana has an awesome name: 'Awesome Names' is, while a ridiculous concept, one of my favourite of my blogs that I keep. Here's a particular entry that made me smile.
  7. The magazine rack from the month of my birth: This one's on this very blog here, but I like it. It's a time-capsule thing. And I'm feeling like an old relic at 35.
  8. Poor Donkeys Slipping Half Asleep: A poet I am not, but I do have an irregular little blog, called 'Decapitation Classic', where I chop up the classics and rearrange them into, ahem, 'art'. This one is based on James Joyce's "Ulysses".
  9. Frankie Goes to Hollywood: I only do one 'Better as a Single' entry per month, but I put a lot of effort into each. This is one I'm fond of because of how forgotten the original album is.
  10. My Father and Mother: a 'Lost in Google Translation' entry that made me giggle.
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