Friday, November 19, 2010

Ten Fetishes and Paraphilias

It's a minor, and maybe ultimately irrelevant, distinction. 'Paraphilia' is essentially any kind of sexual practice that could be considered 'out of the ordinary'. 'Fetish' describes a subset: any paraphilia involving inanimate objects. Paraphilias are many: there are perhaps more than 500 different kinds, existing on a cline from innocuous to deeply problematic. There is disagreement about the usage of the words 'deviant' or 'disorder' to describe the full range of paraphilias. And while certainly an amount of 'Judge not lest ye be judged' needs to be applied here, some of these are definitely more problematic than others. All of them, objective as we might want to be, are capable of provoking spontaneous giggling...

1.TAMAKERI: The name translates from the Japanese as 'Ball kicking', and that tells you all you need to know, really. It's a paraphilia, and also a genre of pornography involving women abusing men by their testicles, marketed to masochistic men excited by the prospect.Tamakeri_Ball_Kicking
2.MASCHALAGNIA: This is the fancy word for 'armpit fetishism', which is sexual attraction to armpits. This particular fetish can lead to what is called 'axillary intercourse' or, on the street, 'bagpiping'. If you've ever seen bagpipes played, you can perhaps guess what's going on here.Maschalagnia: Armpit Fetishism
3.CIGAR PLAY: A form of smoking fetishism. While tobacco actually has a negative effect on physical arousal, there are a wide variety of sexual practices that incorporate it. Smoking fetishism is often seen as a kind of substitute for oral sex, but in particular in cigar play, the cigar might not be limited to the mouth. Er, enough said.Cigar Fetishism
4.FROTTEURISM: FROTTEURISM: There's a tricky minefield of terminology here. "Frot" or "frottage" describes non-penetrative sex of the 'rubbing' variety - with women this can be called 'scissoring'. Frotteurism differs in that it's non-consensual. Frotteurism can be seen as a variety of groping, and like groping is a concern in places like crowded subways. Where groping uses the hands, a frotteur will use his (or rarely her) genitalia, semmingly-unintentionally brushing or pushing his pelvic area against an unsuspecting stranger.Frotteurism_on_the_Subway
5.SECOND SKIN: This concept describes a variety of clothing-related sexual fetishes. Usually skin-tight clothing, especially rubber, latex or leather, is envisioned as an additional layer of skin or in some way a replacement for one's own skin. These people claim an additional level of arousal from stimulation of this artificial 'skin'.Second Skin Fetishism
6.OMORASHI: There are several fetishes involving bodily functions. Urolagnia is the umbrella term used to describe fetishes involving urination. "Golden showers" is primarily what one thinks up here. Omorashi is a bit different, in that the fetish does not involve urination so much as the feeling of wanting (or needing) to urinate. Essentially it's not peeing but 'having to go pee' that excites people. It is particularly prominent in Japan, where the TV show from which this picture is taken involves women trying to 'hold it in' for as long as possible.Omorashi_Japanese_Television
7.DIAPER FETISHISM: A particularly well-known fetish, prevalent in our association with sadomasochism, involves diapers. This often involves the subject wearing a diaper. Paraphilic infantilism, sexual arousal from behaving like or being treated like a baby, is an overlapping but ultimately separate paraphilia. Here the diaper itself is very much the object of the fetish, though in only some cases is 'soiling' the diaper a component of the arousal.Diaper Fetishism: a Man Wearing a Diaper
8.ASFR: This term for robot fetishism derives from the defunct usenet newsgroup, where fetishists once congregated. The fantasies involved in robot fetishism are generally either of a variety called 'built', involving artificial ready-made androids, or 'transformation', involving a human (perhaps the fetishist himself) willfully becoming an
9.VORAREPHILIA: Eat or be eaten. In a non-oral-sex way, either or both of these arouse the vorarephile, whose particular arousal comes from the idea of being consumed (but possibly not digested) - by a human (the partner) or by some kind of monster. For obvious reasons, it is reenacted through gameplay or in literature more often than carried out in practice. Although there have certainly been a well-publicised case or two involving precisely this, which leads to the next one...Vorarephilia, Cannibalism
10.AUTASSASSINOPHILIA: This is a paraphilia involving the risk of death. People with this paraphilia get aroused at the thought of themselves being killed. Not an especially uncommon paraphilia, it raises some very uncomfortable legal questions, especially in cases where people have willingly consented, for sexual purposes, to their own murders.Autassassinophilia

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