Monday, August 1, 2011

A Dream

So I had a dream the other day. It seems that I was asked, at short notice, to cover a high school music class as a supply teacher. For whatever reason, I felt obliged to accept and didn't really feel as if I could admit to them that I'd never taught a music class and had no idea how to. All I was able to learn about the class is that 'they're working on (some classical piece) by (some classical composer) - a piece I'd never heard of but again pretended I had.

They'd given me short notice. Still, whatever time I had, I wasted a good portion doing something or other. I then realised that I had only a few minutes before class started and I hadn't prepared at all. I decided I needed to go and purchase sheet music for the piece, in case they didn't have it at the school. Scrambling for time, I went to a Dollarama to see if they had it. Of course, Dollarama doesn't carry sheet music, but it turns out they had a series of birthday cards that incorporated snatches of the score for that piece into their designs - quite luckily, one card would focus on part of the French horn part, another on the oboe, etc. I decided that was good enough and picked them up.

By now, I was quite late for class though. I high-tailed it to the school, which was my own high school from back in the day (that's not factually true; it was a place of my own design). So I knew where the music classes were held, but when I got to that part, I found that the students for my class had been locked in some kind of large cage by the principal (who in this drama had been my principal), who had them somehow listening to the kinds of trial CD players they have at CD stores. They seemed quite content, but the principal was obviously quite upset with me. I apologised, and he said, 'well, you'd better make do with the remainder of the time'. I asked what he thought I should do, and he recommended something laughably wrongheaded - something like multiplication drills. But it seemed like a good enough idea to me, so I rubbished the Dollarama birthday cards and unlocked the gate.

The best part about this highly stupid dream is that at that point I said to myself, "Oh God... do I really have to do these stupid multiplication drills now? Of course not; it's only a dream. I could just finish it right here."

And so I did.

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