Monday, September 13, 2010

Alpha Inventions and Adsense

So I've been using Alpha Inventions and Blogsurfer. Not even sure why, really... I guess I thought it would be a worthwhile way to get my blogs 'out there' in the wider world somehow. I was using them a lot back in December, January, etc. and have more or less gotten bored of them. But I think I realised something: I had a blog, Montréal Through Google Maps Street View, that seemed to be doing well on Adsense. Well, by 'well', I mean it had a good per-view value. Higher than other blogs, anyway. Now, the per-view rates (per-thousand, actually) on Adsense are more than a bit of a mystery to me. So I was curious why this one blog was doing well. I decided to put it on Alpha Inventions, which is only good for about 40 hits or so, to test a thing or two. I wasn't surprised that hits from Alpha Inventions got a lower value than usual - makes sense, really, seeing as people don't actually watch Alpha Inventions - they just have it running in the background. But I was horrified to discover that after using it once on that blog it seemed as if all subsequent hits were devalued too. Alpha Inventions appears to give a permanently lowered value to your websites. Which sucks.

So I guess it's better not to ever use blog surfing sites if you use Adsense. Wish I'd known that before...

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