Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Party of Freedom

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So it has come to pass that the Party of Freedom, the party so concerned about individual rights that it has fought socialised medicine tooth and nail, the party who claims the President is out to destroy all Americans' civil liberties, the party that gives so much importance to the US Military's attempts to bring 'freedom' to the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan... this party has bravely stood up for what they believe in and told the people of the USA that only heterosexual Americans (and liars) have the right to defend the USA in time of war.

The deceitful nature of the Republican Party just continues to be more and more obvious as time passes. They (and 'Tea Party' 'activists' are 'them' just as much as the party administration) can make all the noise they want about the importance of freedom, but when it comes to preserving the status quo and to preserving whatever privilege their traditional voting base can maintain, suddenly the government's ability to keep anyone different in their place becomes paramount. Suddenly they're as statist as a Stalinist.

They call the GOP "the party of 'No'." These days it's tough to disagree with that. I never thought I'd miss Ronald Reagan, but in the 1980s the Republicans appeared at least to stand for something. I may not have agreed with their ideology, but at least I can acknowledge they had one.

Today? Well, you might be wondering what they actually do support, what they actually do believe in. But if you are wondering, don't ask. You'll get no answers. And you may have some ideas about how to bring American conservatism away from its current poisonous head-in-the-sand contraryism and back into a party with something to say. But if you do, don't tell. No one will listen to you anyway.

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