Sunday, October 17, 2010

More Album Covers with Naked Boobies

So a few months ago I noticed that the things that seemed to bring people most often from Google to my blog were (a) sex and (b) album covers. I decided to combine them. The result, viewable here, was so wildly successful that it really proved my point, and made me put together this 'part two'.

After all, who doesn't like a nice pair of boobs, every now and then?

Once again, though this article itself isn't NSFW, the links all are. Click at your own discretion...

1. "Congregation" by Afghan Whigs: This is a very lovely cover, actually, if a bit strange. A black woman holding a white baby on a red bedsheet. They're both quite clearly naked but it's almost as if the nipple slipped in by accident. Well thank God for accidents.

2. "Sexuality" by Sebastien Tellier: This one is quite new, proving that sex still sells. Well, obviously. A tiny little horse walking around a woman's body. Er, sure.

3. "Doomsdayer's Holiday" by Grails: Not actually a death metal band but merely an instrumental rock combo, they've still gone out for this demon-riding-a-demon-animal cover. But if all demons were this sexy?

4. "Below the Belt" by Boxer: This is a pretty horrid cover, from England in the mid-70s, clearly an era when people could get away with intimations of violence against women. Pretty ugly, really, though the woman is not ugly at all.

5. "Flower" by Sonic Youth: Desperation on my part? I'll admit finding a second group of 15 was much harder than the first. So yes, this is a fine pair. But (a) it's a single, not an album, (b) it's the reverse side of the cover, and (c) it's a pretty rough xerox. Mind you, that's what the cover really looks like. Sonic Youth liked the xerox look.

6. "Forever Street Metal Bitch" by Abigail: Can't tell you anything about this one except that it's apparently French. And I'm guessing it's not a collection of sedate chansons, based on that album name. Sigh.

7. "White Bird" by Astralasia: I can tell you even less about this one, actually. Although if she really wants to go flying, she might think about covering up a little. I hear it gets pretty windy up there among the birds. Though her gain would be our loss.

8. "Blood, Guts and Pussy" by the Dwarves: I included a Dwarves cover last time, but this one is probably their most infamous. Quite a bit more 'explicit' than the other covers here, this one contains two of the three parts of the title. No guts, I'm afraid. A 'dwarf' though, a little person also naked and covered in blood, who appears on the cover of several other Dwarves releases, flanked by nude women.

9. "Music of the African Arab" by Mohammed El-Bakkar and His Oriental Ensemble: An odd one, going back to the 1960s. Belly dancing is a tough one to figure out: sheer titillation from a region of the world known for its conservatism. Hijab and pasties: the Middle East for you. No pasties this time out, though, unlike the other covers of the era. Is that because she's "African"? One wonders.

10. "Nothing's Shocking" by Jane's Addiction: Maybe the most well-kmown one here (except maybe the last one), and maybe the least objectionable. Clearly not real women, since real women aren't often joined at the arm and the hip, and usually react more strongly to having their hair on fire.

11. "Adam and Eve" by Catherine Wheel: An artistic little Hipgnosis work. For all that flesh, there's little titty, really - just the bottom right corner and the one diagonal from her.

12. "Timbalada" by Timbalada: Not the hip-hop producer, this is a Brazilian 'carnival' band. Who play at concerts where the audience comes like this, perhaps. Body painting is somehow at its best when it's at its most primitive. Sometimes a simple white swirl is all that you need.

13. "Buckcherry" by Buckcherry: Or this, if you prefer. A very 1960s cover for a not-very-1960s band. I can't really tell if this cover is explicit or not. Body painting is weird: it brings public nudity into 'respectable' places. Nude is nude, I think.

14. "Cut" by the Slits: Similar thing happening here, except mud instead of paint. By any standards this really isn't explicit - the mud covers their naughty bits quite well. Still, this is the band themselves, and so they deserve points for posing topless on their own cover, even if covered in mud. After all, who'd strip for their own album cover?

15. "Two Virgins" by John Lennon and Yoko Ono: Except them of course. One of history's most infamous albums adorned by one of history's most infamous album covers. There is, of course, a pair of naked boobs here, but there's plenty more than that, and you'd be forgiven for perhaps not noticing the breasts first.

And if fifteen isn't enough, here's fifteen more...
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