Monday, December 6, 2010

Mark Dailey

Silly to get sentimental. Moses Znaimer's legendary Citytv has long since been chewed up by the new Canadian media oligarchy and launched as a spitball in the face of independent media. Citytv has been a nothing for years and years now, so long it's hard to remember when it was revolutionary.

But it was once. It was by far the best thing about Toronto television, and one of the very best things was that deadpan voice 'introducing' (or more often offering wry commentary on) the next programme about to start. His voice saying "Citytv everywhere..." was one of the most recognisable sounds of my youth. It was impossible to dislike the guy; all it took was a single sentence here or there and somehow you were convinced he was a friendly good guy.

I haven't bothered with Citytv in so long now, I didn't realise he'd become much more prominent an on-air personality. All I remember him for, really, is that stentorian voice, disembodied, in ten-second spurts between shows. Yet even that is enough for me to genuinely mourn the passing of a total stranger.

Mark Dailey, you will be missed.
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