Friday, March 26, 2010

Canadian Political Leaders Quiz: page seven

This is page seven of a quiz. If you're flying in here from a Google search or something, click here to go to page one.

The book list:
  1. "Charlie Johnson in the Flames". Michael Ignatieff.
  2. "Homelessness: the Making and Unmaking of a Crisis". Jack Layton.
  3. "How to Save the World in Your Spare Time". Elizabeth May.
  4. "Question d'identité". Gilles Duceppe.
  5. Is currently working on a history of hockey. Stephen Harper.
If that looks like an elitist slam at the PM for making such a non-intellectual book, it's definitely not. Learning that he's writing about hockey (if it's true) actually increases my estimation of the man. Ignatieff, of course, has a list of writings to rival Stephen King's in length, and this is one of three fiction novel's he's written. The other three have written tomes pertinent to their, and their parties', fields of interest.

Party loyalties are an interesting topic, in that fully four of these five candidates are older than the parties they represent. Shifting allegiances are to be expected, I guess.

So last question: which party résumé belongs to which leader?
  1. Entered electoral politics in 1980 as a member of the so-called "Small Party".
  2. Never changed parties, but father was a Progressive Conservative cabinet minister and grandfather was an Union Nationale cabinet minister.
  3. Ties to current party go back to 1965, but rather inconsistently until 2004.
  4. Was a Young Liberal before being elected as an MP for three different parties.
  5. Was a member of the Workers' Communist Party of Canada for three years. Was first elected to parliament as an independent.
Once you've guessed, cliquez ici.

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