Friday, March 26, 2010

Canadian Political Leaders Quiz: page three

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This is page three of a quiz. If you're flying in here from a Google search or something, click here to go to page one.

The skinny on the middle names:
  1. Evans. Elizabeth May.
  2. Gilbert. Jack Layton.
  3. Grant. Michael Ignatieff.
  4. Joseph. Stephen Harper.
  5. none. Gilles Duceppe
Prize for geekiest middle name goes to Jack (John, of course, to be exact) Layton. I can't be 100% sure Duceppe doesn't have a middle name or, as a French-Canadian, five or six. But I can't see any anywhere on the net.

Carrying on with 'basic inormation', this next question is nowhere near as easy as I'd have thought it would be. Where were they born?
  1. Montreal, Quebec.
  2. Montreal, Quebec.
  3. Hartford, Connecticut.
  4. Toronto, Ontario.
  5. Toronto, Ontario.
Big list of choices, isn't it? Well, click here once you've decided.
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