Friday, March 26, 2010

Canadian Political Leaders Quiz: page one

Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of CanadaImage via Wikipedia
So Canada has five mainstream federal parties. Each of them has a leader at the moment who, if nothing else, is an interesting character. You could make an argument that confidence in party leaders has never been lower than it is at the moment (and you could make the case that there's never been a bunch of leaders less inspiring of confidence), but the truth remains that they are interesting individuals. That does not necessarily mean good candidates for Prime Minister, but at least it's something...

So seven questions, then. How it works is that each question is in five parts. The correct answer to one of the five is 'Stephen Harper'. The correct answer to another is 'Michael Ignatieff'. Another is 'Jack Layton', another is 'Gilles Duceppe' and another is 'Elizabeth May'. In short, match the leader to the choice that describes him/her.

Question one: simply put, how old are these folks?
  1. Born 30 April 1959 - aged 50.
  2. Born 9 June 1954 - aged 55.
  3. Born 18 July 1950 - aged 59.
  4. Born 12 May 1947 - aged 62.
  5. Born 22 July 1947 - aged 62.
Click here once you've decided in order to see the answer...
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