Friday, March 26, 2010

Canadian Political Leaders Quiz: page six

This is page six of a quiz. If you're flying in here from a Google search or something, click here to go to page one.

The religious info:
  1. Allegedly, a lapsed Catholic, now atheist. Gilles Duceppe.
  2. Anglican, and studying to be a minister. Elizabeth May.
  3. Belongs to the Evangelical 'Christian and Missionary Alliance', and attends regularly. Stephen Harper.
  4. Russian Orthodox, though in own words not a 'church guy'. Michael Ignatieff.
  5. United Church of Canada; "I don't practice as frequently as I should". Jack Layton.
I have to admit that the 'evidence' I found of Gilles Duceppe being atheist is all rather sketchy - mostly other people calling him one. But he's certainly no lover of religion, as a lot of his quotes will attest. We have had one non-theist PM, Kim Campbell).

Here's something interesting: the candidates are all published authors. Nice to see quite a literate bunch running for the office of PM. Match the candidate with one of the books he/she authored:
  1. "Charlie Johnson in the Flames".
  2. "Homelessness: the Making and Unmaking of a Crisis".
  3. "How to Save the World in Your Spare Time".
  4. "Question d'identité".
  5. Is currently working on a history of hockey.
Once you've guessed who wrote what, click here.

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