Friday, March 26, 2010

Canadian Political Leaders Quiz: page five

This is page five of a quiz. If you're flying in here from a Google search or something, click here to go to page one.

The skinny on the spouses:
  1. Hong Kong. Olivia Chow, wife of Jack Layton.
  2. Hungary. Zsuzsanna Zsohar, wife of Michael Ignatieff.
  3. Montreal, Quebec. Yolande Brunelle, wife of Gilles Duceppe.
  4. Turner Valley, Alberta. Laureen Harper, wife of Stephen Harper.
  5. unmarried. Elizabeth May.
I wish I could find the city in Hungary where Zsuzsanna Zsohar was born, but I can't. Still, the fact of her being Hungarian shows up in most reports mentioning her, as does Jack Layton's wife and fellow caucus mamber Olivia Chow's being born in Hong Kong. No points again for guessing that Yolande Brunelle, Duceppe's wife, is from Montreal or that Laureen Harper is from small-town Alberta. Elizabeth May is a mother (a grandmother, in fact) but I see no evidence of her ever being married.

Interesting to note: two of the five, Layton and Ignatieff, have been divorced. And also interesting that of the four married males, only one (Harper) has a wife who took her husband's surname.

Moving on then: what religion are they, and how religious are they?
  1. Allegedly, a lapsed Catholic, now atheist.
  2. Anglican, and studying to be a minister.
  3. Belongs to the Evangelical 'Christian and Missionary Alliance', and attends regularly.
  4. Russian Orthodox, though in own words not a 'church guy'.
  5. United Church of Canada; "I don't practice as frequently as I should".
Once you've guessed, click here to find the answer.

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