Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Flag Counter: North America

Flag Counter tells me where in the world visitors to my blogs have come from. As ought to be no surprise, the USA and Canada rank numbers one and two for visitors.

No surprise because the USA is the largest English-language internet-using country, and Canada is my country. A decent percentage of visitors from Canada are probably me, myself. In fact, my province, Ontario, is home to over half of all the Canadian hits I've recieved, and there have been more hits from Ontario than from the whole of the UK - which is my third-ranked country. How sad...

I know that because for Canada and the USA, it'll subdivide the hits by province or state. So I can confidently tell you that I've gotten hits from all 50 American states, all 10 Canadian provinces and all 3 Canadian territories. In nowhere near equal numbers, but there you go.

The American state with the most hits is California - no surprise both because it's the largest state by population and because it's home to Silicon Valley. Mountain View, CA, a community that Wikipedia tells me has a population of 74,066, is where probably more than half of my California hits come from - I know that not from Flag Counter but from Sitemeter, which will show communities. By now, whenever I see 'Mountain View', I just think, 'Ah, Google has crawled my site again'. Good news, but not really hits. Not humans, anyway.

The four American states where the smallest number of my hits have come from are South Dakota, Wyoming, North Dakota and Alaska - no surprise, I'm sure, since they have small populations. I have mentioned Alaska, however (I doubt I've mentioned Wyoming before today) - but my blogs are probably banned in Alaska because of excessive Palin-hatin'.

In Canada, quite obviously bottom of the list would be the three territories - I've only had three from Nunavut, and those took me ages to get. I actually only have a slightly larger number of hits from PEI than from the Yukon, but I've posted about the Yukon and the Northwest Territories on a few occassions, in fact. The provinces and territories roughly line up according to population, actually, with the exception of Québec being third below BC instead of second, but that makes sense, I guess, since y'know... language and all.

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