Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I've mentioned this yellow dishrag of a website before, when it was used to dish up dirt on Ignatieff's family.

But I think must represent the absolute bottom, the most disgusting and wretched of the political process. This website presents nothing more than distortions and scaremongering so tacky even Quebecor would blush at it.

They've removed the family slander, but they've replaced it with three pieces about the 'coalition' bogeyman - each more pathetic and desperate than the other.
  • The first one screams MORE PROOF OF THE COALITION and features that picture of Ignatieff waving that they love so much along with a picture of Layton pointing his finger. This ridiculous piece of garbage considers the defection of the London NDP candidate to the Liberals as proof positive that the nasty Liberals and NDP are schening to form a coalition - completely ignoring the fact that in the same week southern Ontario saw both a Liberal candidate and an NDP candidate defect to the Conservatives. Selective editing at its most egregious.
  • The second one has Ignatieff and Duceppe and screams BREAKING NEWS: IGNATIEFF'S COALITION PLAN REVEALED. This one is even worse, and positively leaps the gulf separating 'stretching the truth' from 'outright lying'. The article itself says nothing about Ignatieff or Liberal policies: it points out that the Bloc, in their platform, reserve the right to support a coalition. Which (a) is public knowledge anyway - Duceppe has never attempted to deny it, and (b) under no stretch of the imagination can this be seen as 'Ignatieff's coalition plan'.
  • The third one is no less ridiculous. IGNATIEFF COALITION DENIALS CAN'T BE TRUSTED, it caterwauls. This is noteworthy as being their only direct acknowledgement, as far as I'm aware, that Ignatieff has resolved not to form a coalition post-election. But the content is more rubbish: it also makes no mention of Ignatieff at all but merely points out that Dion also said he wouldn't form a coalition in 2008, right before attempting to do just that. Fair game, perhaps, except that the headline doesn't say 'Don't trust Liberals' - strictly for being in the same party, Ignatieff is painted with the same brush as Dion. Of course, their maniacal desire to make Ignatieff look personally as bad as possible as often as possible might have something to do with this.
Who, incidentally, are 'they'? Who is responsible for this travesty of a webpage, this ugly (and ugly-looking) libellous smear site?

Ah yes. The Conservative Party themselves.

Keep it classy, Tories.

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