Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Toronto MPs by Place of Birth

So a few days ago I looked at the Toronto MPs by their 'favourite words', which words they said the most often in parliament. I liked putting together the map, and thought I'd try some more maps based on the Elections Canada maps. I've got something going on at my Poll Vaulting blog that uses them, and here's another Toronto-based one.

(Click to make it larger.)

This shows a map of the current Toronto MPs (both the 416 and whoever else shows up on the map - not the whole 905 but a decent chunk of it) by their place of birth. In short, if they were born in Ontario, I list the city. If they were born in Canada but not Ontario, I list the province but not the city. And if they were born abroad, I list the country with no further details. The numbers are poetic - of the MPs for the 33 ridings on this map:
  • 11 were born in the city of Toronto - or to state that more precisely were born within the limists of present-day Toronto. This includes all three Etobicoke MPs (including Michael Ignatieff), and three 905 MPs. Among the ridings in 'old Toronto', only Carolyn Bennett is a native son... er, daughter.
  • 11 were born somewhere else in Canada - the Markham and Pickering MPs are local, and there are three others from elsewhere in the province. Add to that two from Québec (including Jack Layton), two from Manitoba and two from the Atlantic, and you've got 11.
  • 11 were born abroad. An amazing four of those are from Italy (including Julian Fantino), and two (in neighbouring ridings) are from Greece. The remaining five are from India, the UK, Portugal, Tanzania and Hong Kong.
Great numbers, eh? One-third from Toronto itself, one-third from the rest of the country,and one-third from the rest of the world. Toronto in a nutshell?

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