Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Quiz: National Endonyms

I feel like doing a quiz. So each of the names on this list is the name of a country in the national language of that country. Like if it said "Deutschland", you would answer "Germany", because "Deutchland" means "Germany" in German.

In each case I'm putting the name in Latin letters, and I'm also removing all accents too - since that would be a clue.

Level One (Easy):
  1. Suomi
  2. Zhongguo
  3. Hrvatska
  4. Magyarorszag
  5. Bharat
  6. Cymru
  7. Shqiperia
  8. Kalaallit Nunaat
  9. Al-Maghrib
  10. Hanguk
Level Two (Hard):
  1. Misr
  2. Viti
  3. Sakartvelo
  4. Dhivehi Raajje
  5. Crna Gora
  6. Eesti
  7. Hayastan
  8. Ayiti
  9. Ellan Vannin
  10. Druk Yul
 Answers tomorrow...

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