Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lost in Google Translation, Volume One

This is an old game I used to play back in the days of BabelFish: testing its automated language translation services by putting a bit of text through a variety of languages and looking at the end result, which had invariably been chewed up beyond recognition. The results often had a mysterious poetry to them, in fact, but were clearly nonsense.

Google's translation service is, I must admit, light years ahead. So much so, in fact, that a single test of translating text from English into Language X and then back again would result in text 95% identical to the original. So no good, then. Instead, I subject texts to a translation through five languages before reconverting it to English. The results are, well, much more abstract.

Each selection here is a verse from a popular song (with slight modifications to grammar and punctuation to make complete sentences) translated through five different languages before being reconverted to English. Your job is merely to look at the results and see if you can't guess which song you're currently viewing, lost in Google Translation.

The answers to each are contained immediately below them, hidden behind a spoiler tag. Click to reveal.

#1 I usually can not find. Frightened lying around and I do not understand. Now ladies sitting at her desk nearby. Closed Curtain Hall Kass from people like me think this Oh, I do not die in the hands gedoeeotseupnida you say that I died in my hands Oh Death at hand. I had some clear kiss I had.
» #1 - Click for the answer. «

#2 I do not like you I wonder if it bad, you can if you have good people do not know. His life and soul together, not just be Cold war, tired, but I know every nerve fibers difficult heart Broken, frozen my life. I do not want this anymore. It is better shoes, even one day be broken or not. If we want to do better? It would be better for me more often, green is very cool, if we are not helpless or not.
» #2 - Click for the answer. «

#3 It was morning. The sun is up to the last. Last night was shaking quite large. After teaching my cat scratch my skin, otherwise the error? Hungry children will tell him about his service and good food. Add to a new place. I went here when I can: If you want to make me the storm here: If you want to make the storm.
» #3 - Click for the answer. «

#4 So, how kabarmu I walked, I saw men and women. This is not the time to talk. Music and hot women, where they were born and began to start properly. However, just look the other way. New York Times' to trying to understand the impact on our people. If the mother and family, you live. We live in a city miles we all feel broken, I want to live life.
» #4 - Click for the answer. «

#5 New Orleans east, they want the sun, and many poor children in the home, this is the balance. And God, I know. It is normal that new sewing blue jeans. My dad, gambling man Down in New Orleans said. Now only the players and the bag and luggage only won when he saw the required 20,000.
» #5 - Click for the answer. «

#6 Now I had seen what I saw off Queen Knight drum drum and sing and bow tree farm is excluded. Announce the day and swim Mother Nature Watch 19-70 air travel to travel to visit 70 Mother Nature I was burning in the basement of the full moon in my eyes I burst through the sky Sunday, I hope to replace. Band playing in my head feel better. I think my friends that I hope will My friends think he wants his own address.
» #6 - Click for the answer. «

#7 Please call to revive: I fear the weakness of the Year and lively shaking colleagues here monsŵn to tears listening to the bass boom: US, unbearably big break Store: a and called the police to your But did not dare stare, you can go for you. I compared the remaining pieces dice. Competitive pay, you win / I'm right and you knock your mother.
» #7 - Click for the answer. «

#8 I think I'm ready for you. I think I'm ready for you. I think I'm ready for you. I am, but more money, no comment on the money. This is more than money, they want to build. At the time, it will be worth many times more. oh, so ayolah, patience and time to do it correctly, you need to do, and they are.
» #8 - Click for the answer. «

#9 He worked in a restaurant. My daughter just overlooked. I never saw him only end mezzanine Small-town father is not always the root of his movement continued. One of the desert road riding Harley Davidson - flying wind her long hair to yellow. He fled chrome steel air atmosfääriõhku driver hit 2.1.
» #9 - Click for the answer. «

#10 Just woke up on Thanksgiving morning. I do not know this seems odd: no smoke from cooking breakfast mother dog Pars no wheelbarrow I'm not digging mines and pigs. Finally I would like to dig, buy a low to let me hold the door when he pressured another 24 I think you need to change "I will be changing my me to ass my glass of me and see all Jacker is on fire the red Kim that his voice, he asked all my homies back care, I hope everyone can "I played basketball in my garden" Me. In court my problem: to finish second and third last week. MJ niggas do not deviate so all the good that day.
» #10 - Click for the answer. «


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