Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lost in Google Translation, Volume Two

This is an old game I used to play back in the days of BabelFish: testing its automated language translation services by putting a bit of text through a variety of languages and looking at the end result, which had invariably been chewed up beyond recognition. The results often had a mysterious poetry to them, in fact, but were clearly nonsense.

Google's translation service is, I must admit, light years ahead. So much so, in fact, that a single test of translating text from English into Language X and then back again would result in text 95% identical to the original. So no good, then. Instead, I subject texts to a translation through five languages before reconverting it to English. The results are, well, much more abstract.

Each selection here is a verse from a popular song (with slight modifications to grammar and punctuation to make complete sentences) translated through five different languages before being reconverted to English. Your job is merely to look at the results and see if you can't guess which song you're currently viewing, lost in Google Translation.

The answers to each are contained immediately below them, hidden behind a spoiler tag. Click to reveal.

#2 I like the wind through the trees. Sampingku night was so. months, but the sun stayed uniongoze. He accepted my idea, but I did not know what to do. Right next to the body wajahku I felt rambling. I am not in his eyes: in my group. Only a fool believes he can do what they need to hear. I like the wind.
» #1 - Click for the answer. «

#2 Today is your day going. Now, in some ways, you must understand you can do. I do not believe that he does feel for the moment. Word Street is the heart of the high fever is back. I have never heard before, but never doubt I am going to die. I do not believe that he does feel for the moment. The closure, all the lights are published menyilaukan. I want to say much, but I do not know how.
» #2 - Click for the answer. «

#2 Me and false. My mother, father, you should come. I attack the world. I am rolling shakes bad for you. Liam. Pink monkey bird And I tell you an indication of the brain breakdown. See for yourself. Ray put gun to my head. Press your space face close to me, I love you. dream mud Wed, oh yeah, and escape.
» #3 - Click for the answer. «

#3 Last good. When your hands up. Click on get their own way in life. The day will come. their lives, why people like How to choose? Last good. Last good. ends. Last good. That our time is one hour. Now is the time here. Waiting for my life, my life forever. Yellow is the color of the sun. I have to hide. Always, often in my life, my life here. Yellow is the color of the sun.
» #4 - Click for the answer. «

#5 I think the future of our children. The best way to learn. beauty all to themselves. Providing tools for pride. Many laughed when my children need reminding. Both are looking for heroes. We need people to see. need to do: I had the opportunity to meet and quiet, so I learned to my faith.
» #5 - Click for the answer. «

#6 We say about that. Me, Not me, another day of driving themselves, I'm getting ready to do so. I love the same? Al, get me I will continue a day or two. So, my little things go without saying, but it seems like life is slowly leaving teaching. Say: nothing is more important than to be. Al, get me I will continue a day or two.
» #6 - Click for the answer. «

#7 Oh, my friends are regular remove dirt and Liege, but my dad his "can not bother me to give them. World will not end. He for me a man who Talcs as foot foot, people like my son. Amount of care. Or hand of a man my son. ".
» #7 - Click for the answer. «

#8 All the old graves of a file from the sand dance do not you? If they fast, they fell like dominoes for you. 'M Nile marketing and all those invested. Golden crocodiles C their simple mud. Variety of hookah pipe "that really inanikumbusha, Oh yeah. This, indeed, reminds us." Egypt, such as foot.
» #8 - Click for the answer. «

#9 If you still hear my joy, but I think you all are my conscience, I guess. If I'm Walking shoes and when my friends for your entertainment and Flowers suggest that wind is concerned, I feel I can not. What is a fright. I do not bother me at all. 51, captain of irregular solitaria Tobacco Research Community and play until dawn. Now, I can do nothing for you.
» #9 - Click for the answer. «

#10 Sometimes it is established all love a man with a good and sad and it is not difficult to know a good time to do, but if you love him and forgive him even harbor to understand. If you love it. Geugahaneun he was 12 years more recently proud. It is a cold lonely night to wait for a hot and is only two officers. Husband Tribune and the world would you know that you love it. You can all love. Arising from your man.
» #10 - Click for the answer. «

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