Saturday, May 14, 2011

More Decapitation Classic

Sometimes I like to excerpt a thing or two from my other blogs here. Especially since most of them are collecting dust anyway. In this entry here I explain what the 'Decapitation Classic' blog is/was all about. So read that for background - and then here's a few other 'poems' from the meagre Decapitation Classic archives.

“Cowards Called Conscience”

Monday's death of dreams and sleep -
Life is a disaster. It is too long.
In contrast, the goal is: You die, okay?
Victims are proud to ignore the criticism.

We are living in the coil.
I think we know another person?
However, after the death, fear of something:
Natural pain and shock.

Naked punch?
I love the pain and contempt.
Sweat away from your life exhausted,
Contempt for the whip and time.

The last word: more sleep.
This is the meat from the back end.
We are all cowards called conscience;
Please remember all my sins. 

Details about 'Cowards Called Conscience' can be found here.
“Raven as Written”
He is before the house, and the wood
has been on the table.
One is lying, sitting between them,
and all are easy to use.

Three were crammed into many of the rooms:
"Some wine," she said, "strong voice."
I felt all the traffic, but I have nothing.
"I do not drink," I said.

While I was looking for a great curiosity,
this was his first appearance.
I opened my eyes to hear his hat:
This is the same, you know.

When breathing sleeps, it seems to speak:
Blues are green and watch.
If you were baptized and see him again,
to make bread, this is a knife.

The parties must be silent in time.
The writing, the money, no more.
The answer is that you think you cannot
shake frequently, and live in the ears.

"No, leave it. This is the answer?"
"I am, especially in this relationship."
"I do not." 

Details about 'Raven as Written' can be found here.

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