Friday, June 17, 2011

Googling Me

What do you get if you Google ""? Not much, really, in 12,600 results: mostly vsrious entries in this blog itself, or weird trawling sites. A few odd places my url shows up:
  • On, some page advertising "Images: sexual infantilism".
  • A virus-filled site called (url altered to prevent accidental clicking) seems to have a few of my entries copied in 'forums' that nobody ever looks at, with a claim that a certain 'download' link will somehow 'download' my blog entry - instead, it downloads a virus.
  • 'Boys Butt - find to shar boys but free image download', which is awesome. I get the odd person coming to my site looking for 'boys butt' - all because I quoted Shakespeare!. How awesome is that.
  • claims that 'personal information' about early Smiths producer Troy Tate can be found on my site - which is certainly can't.
  • A forum devoted to the band Ween mentioned me in a page about 'albums with female nipples on the cover'. I got a lot of hits from there at one point.
  • A link that rather excitingly claims to be about 'Kung Fu Fighting and Other Love Songs', but when I click on it find no such thing. Pity.
  • A shoutout on the nicely frequented, talking about horrid flags. Someone in the comments links to my entry on same.
  • Something in... er, Malay perhaps, called copies a random image that I copied from some random place on the internet, but it much more generous than me, linking to the source. I just grabbed it and ran.
  • 'Readers pick best webcomic Frogger joystiq' and 'Endless funeral a second beginning', which sound intriguing but are both hosted at a .cc domain that I fear to click.
  • And my Alexa page! Which tells me that this is, amazingly, the 16,719,533rd most viewed site on the internet (woohoo!) and apparently (though I've never noticed this myself) 'death by captcha' is my highest-impact search query, responsible for over 10% of search queries. I doubt that somehow. Overall, according to, these are my highest-impact queries:
    • death by captcha
    • death by
    • don't touch my junk
    • long distance calling
    • flags of the world
    • street view
    • greatest hits album
    • party names
    • with animals
    • my junk
    • in the world
    • long distance
    • political party
    • red stripe
    • album cover
    • the world
    • dolphins
    • streetview
    • usenet
    • the borgias
    • movies
    • google street view
    • gilmore
    • control
    • political blogs
    • google maps
    • adsense
    • adam sandlers
    • of the world
    • jailbait

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