Sunday, June 5, 2011

Logos of Communist Parties of the World

I've done this before for Canadian parties, and for Socialist parties of the world. Now a step further to the left: Communist parties from around the world. There are a lot of hammers and sickles here. And at that I even skipped a good many that were too hammer-and sickley.

Although the largest political party in the world is on this list, the others are by and large seriously fringe-party. Like 0.5% of thr vote levels of fringe. Poor dears.

Communist Party of Argentina: Hammer and sickle, book, Argentinian flag. MS Paint? I hope so.

Communist Party of Austria: Just the initials. Pretty umlaut, that's all I've got.

Azerbaijan Communist Party: A flag, it seems. Red, of course. With a burning torch - pointing to the left, of course.

Communist Party of Bangladesh: Hammer and sickle on red flag. Didn't I say I was omitting logos like this one?

Communist Party of Belarus: A lot going on here: an outline map of Belarus, a book, a hammer-and-sickle, and a tangible sense that this is a party that's been there and remembers iron-curtain symbology.

Communist Party (Flanders): Workers of the world unite? Screw that: the workers of Belgium can't even unite, and this party with its basic, clean logo, is Dutch-speaking-only.

Communist Party of Brazil: I'm guessing the 'do' part stands for, well, for 'do'.

Communist Party of Canada: No hammer and sickle here, and no red either (scandalously). Blue cog, yellow grain. Classic.

Marxist-Leninist Party of Canada: The competing Canadian Communist party has some kind of flower happening there. This is a logo designed by committee.

Communist Party of Chile: Looks like a coat of arms. Very noble, eh?

Communist Party of China: Just a hammer and stubby-handled sickle. I would have skipped this if it weren't, you know, Mao's party and history's biggest Communist Party.

Communist Party of Cuba: This is really pretty, actually. A retro design, a crowd of arms, and a slight postage-stamp or logo-affixed-to-packet-of-cigarettes feel.

Progressive Party of Working People (Cyprus): This party gets props not just for its old-school bread-bakery logo but also for being the democratically-elected government of Cyprus at the moment. Yay Commies!

Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia: The rest of us know Bohemia and Moravia as 'the Czech Republic', but evidently they're a bit quirky over there. Thus, I guess, the slot-machine cherries.

Colombian Communist Party: Tell me you don't loke this hand-drawn hammer and sickle. Go on; I dare you.

Communist Party of Finland: This logo is so old-school, it smells of Bauhaus. But isn't it gorgeous?

French Communist Party: In case you forget their initials. France actually has parties further to the left of the Communists.

German Communist Party: In case you forget their initials too. Certainly you don't need anything else in a logo. Provided it's red.

Communist Party of Greece: This is the big-initials part of our programme. Missed the hammer and sickle yet?

Hungarian Communist Workers' Party: Concentric circles, kind of Christmas-y. Which isn't very Communist.

Communist Party of India: Bo-ring. Though the party itself is nothing to mess with.

Iraqi Communist Party: I think this is something in the Arabic language made to look like a dove. Which is amazing.

Communist Party of Iran: I think I had a CPI-brand pocket calculator in the 1980s.

Tudeh Party of Iran: England's rose doesn't have thorns below it. Iranians are different.

Communist Party of Ireland: Because nothing says Ireland like a rising sun.

Maki (Israel): Named after a type of sushi, the Israeli Communists put their party name in three languages, including English.

Party of Italian Communists: Hammer and sickly, Italian tricolore. On baby blue. This is important.

Communist Refoundation Party (Italy): Because it's the main difference between thatItalian Communist Party and this one. Can't we all just get along?

Japanese Communist Party: Because in Japan, logos are bourgeois.

Jordanian Communist Party: Hammer and sickle on red flag. With a bit of Arabic writing. Arabic writing is spicy.

Communist People's Party of Kazakhstan: Lenin's head! Let's deal for a minute with how awesome that is. Lenin's head on a Communist Party logo! But why is he looking to the right?

Lebanese Communist Party: The Lebanese flag, contorted to include a hammer and sickle.

Communist Party of Luxembourg: How large do you suppose the membership is of a Letzebuergish Communist party? Like, are there a dozen?

Party of Mexican Communists: Oh Lord is this ugly. Mexico's outline is there. And a hammer and sickle. And upsetting whiteness...

Popular Socialist Party of Mexico: With a bird in flight, this competing party's got a better logo. That party name doesn't seem too socialist, but the hammer and sickle does.

New Communist Party of the Netherlands: Ho-hum. 'New' party, but hardly a new logo.

Workers Party of New Zealand: Awesome: the Red Flag flying from a huge letter W.

Workers' Party of Korea: This intimidatingly symbolic flag/logo is, of course, the logo of Kim Jong-Il's party. Little to do with Marx or Lenin, all to do with paranoia and megalomania.

Communist Party of Norway: This is pretty - if it looks Central, not Northern, European. Hammer and sickle floating above the mountains.

Communist Party of Pakistan: The lines on that star are arced. Still pretty blandly typical, though.

People's Party of Panama: Alliterative name, and a return of the book!

Peruvian Communist Party: An ugly version of the one beneath it.

Communist Party of Peru - Red Fatherland: Hammer and sickle, map of peru, wreath of agriculatural products. Let's talk about that awesome party name instead. The other Peruvian Communist party must be jealous.

Portuguese Communist Party: Snort... PCP. I hope Portuguese Communists have a sense of humour.

Communist Party of the Russian Federation: Here's a country that knows its communist parties. This isn't the Communist Party, of course. This is a newer wannabe Hammer, sickle and book - but it's somehow nice.

New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (Serbia): Shh... don't tell them the truth about Yugoslavia. You'll break their little hearts.

Communist Party of Slovakia: In Slovakia, the Communists are a hockey team.

South African Communist Party: The South African Communist Party is kind of a 'part' of the ANC, in a way I don't really understand. Distinct logo, though: typical stuff but with that black colour in there bringing the hardcore.

Communist Party of Spain: This is so 1960s. May they never change their logo.

Party of the Communists of Catalonia: Because Spain is... well, this is how things are done in Spain. If you're in Catalonia, you get your own Communist party. With a way less funky logo.

Communist Party of Sri Lanka: Like Maki in Israel, a simple logo (generic hammer and sickle) and the party's name in three languages, two of which are very pretty-looking.

Sudanese Communist Party: Oh dear, oh dear. And the party name Wikipedia gives this party is rather different than the English prominently featured on the logo.

Swiss Party of Labour: This one is brilliant: a worker's hat with the Swiss cross. A clever association and a nice break from hammers and sickles. And it reminds me of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Communist Party of Sweden: Google Translate tells me, as I could have guessed, that that means 'class against class'. My high school was like that.

Taiwan Communist Party: A bit of a conundrum, this: it's a party with no connection to the Communist Party of China but, you know, logically ought to. Bizzare logo, too, with stars circling around the island and with curlicues filling in the dead space.

Communist Party of Turkey: Screw the sickle. In Turkey, it's hammer and cog. Still red and yellow, mind you.

Communist Party of Ukraine: Let's not try to understand this; let's just enjoy its strangeness. I feel like it ought to be a gif that revolves around and around.

Communist Party of Britain: They're for peace and socialism. Which Labour clearly aren't.

New Communist Party of Britain: Again, like in the Netherlands, a 'new' Communist party with a distinctly non-new logo.

Communist Party of Scotland: The third UK-based Communist party (for now anyway). Strikingly blue, and strikingly off-centre. But why is it to the right?

Communist Party USA: Because in the USA, prepositions are bourgeois.

Communist Party of Venezuela: A rooster! I repeat: a rooster! Red, mind you, so it fits both the communist theme and the Rolling Stones song. And the rooster's facing to the left! Poultry of the world unite.

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