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Writing Credits for The Wailers Alternative Discography #1 - #6

So I've been doing my Wailers Alternative Discography project off and on for a few months now. I haven't been including writing credits, because they'e confusing, and my main source for the project, Roger Steffens' discography, is quite iffy on the subject itself.
Having recently come across another discographical resource, however, I've decided to reconsider that: I don't consider that resource infallible either, and I've taken a few liberties and made a few approximations myself. The end results are interesting, though, showing that in the early years the Wailers were far from self-sufficient as songwriters, Peter Tosh in particular, and that they loved Curtis Mayfield and Smokey Robinson (actually, black American music as a whole).
In any case, here are songwriting credits for the first six 'albums' I compiled - the Coxsone years.

Simmer Down and Other Hits
(August 1964, Studio One)

Side One
  1. 2:50 Simmer Down (B. Marley)
  2. 1:56 Climb the Ladder (B. Marley)
  3. 2:32 Straight and Narrow Way (B. Marley)
  4. 3:05 Maga Dog (P. Tosh)
  5. 2:31 Your Love (B. Marley)
  6. 2:30 Go Jimmy Go (D. Pomus, M. Shuman)
Side Two
  1. 2:50 Do You Remember (B. Marley)
  2. 1:59 Destiny (B. Marley)
  3. 2:11 Habits (B. Marley)
  4. 2:12 Tell Them Lord (B. Marley)
  5. 2:38 Amen (J. Pato)
  6. 3:40 I Am Going Home (trad., adapted by B. Marley)

The Wailing Wailers
(December 1964, Studio One)

Side One
  1. 2:28 Dance With Me (B. Marley, B. Mann, C. Weil, J. Leiber, M. Stoller)
  2. 2:45 True Confessions (B. Marley)
  3. 2:54 Lonesome Feelings (B. Marley, N. Livingston)
  4. 2:44 There She Goes (B. Marley)
  5. 2:42 Teenager in Love (D. Pomus, M. Shuman, B. Marley)
  6. 2:42 It Hurts to Be Alone (B. Marley)
Side Two
  1. 3:04 Nobody Knows (trad., adapted by C. Dodd)
  2. 3:09 Love Won't be Mine This Way (B. Marley)
  3. 3:28 Where Will I Find (H. David, P. Hapton, B. Marley)
  4. 3:07 I Need You (B. Marley)
  5. 2:50 Don't Ever Leave Me (B. Marley)

One Love
(August 1965, Studio One)

Side One
  1. 3:19 One Love (B. Marley, C. Mayfield)
  2. 2:13 Playboy (B. Marley, B. Gordy)
  3. 3:04 Shame and Scandal (trad.)
  4. 2:11 Diamond Baby (B. Marley)
  5. 2:20 Do You Feel the Same Way (B. Marley)
  6. 2:38 Love and Affection (B. Marley, N. Livingston)
Side Two
  1. 3:02 Hooligan Ska (B. Marley)
  2. 3:06 And I Love Her (J. Lennon, P. McCartney)
  3. 2:48 I Made a Mistake (C. Mayfield)
  4. 3:15 Where's the Girl for Me (B. Marley)
  5. 3:35 Jumbie Jamboree (trad., adapted by P. Tosh)

More of the Wailers
(January 1966, Studio One)

Side One
  1. 3:39 Where is My Mother (B. Marley)
  2. 2:21 Rude Boy (B. Marley)
  3. 2:24 Jailhouse (N. Livingston)
  4. 2:59 Somewhere to Lay My Head (B. Marley)
  5. 3:16 Wages of Love (B. Marley)
  6. 3:09 I'm Still Waiting (B. Marley)
Side Two
  1. 2:59 Ska Jerk (A. DeWalt, B. Marley)
  2. 2:59 What's New Pussycat (B. Bacharach, H. David)
  3. 2:44 Cry to Me (B. Marley)
  4. 2:57 Another Dance (C. Mayfield, B. Marley)
  5. 2:32 Lonesome Track (B. Marley)
  6. 2:15 This Train (trad.)

The Toughest
(August 1966, Studio One)

Side One
  1. 3:12 The Toughest (L. Oldham, D. Pennington, C. Dodd, J. Mittoo, P. Tosh)
  2. 2:42 Let Him Go (N. Livingston)
  3. 3:09 That Ain't Right (R. Anderson)
  4. 2:28 Jerking Time (N. Livingston)
  5. 2:55 Lemon Tree (W. Holt)
Side Two
  1. 2:42 A Deh Pon Dem (R. Anderson)
  2. 2:53 Rock Sweet Rock (N. Livingston)
  3. 3:05 Who Feels it Knows It (N. Livingston)
  4. 2:34 Friends and Lovers (W. Farrell, B. Burns)
  5. 3:07 Sinner Man (trad., adapted by P. Tosh, N. Livingston)

(December 1966, Studio One)

Side One
  1. 2:47 Dancing Shoes (N. Livingston)
  2. 3:13 Making Love (P. Tosh)
  3. 2:59 What am I Supposed to Do (N. Livingston)
  4. 2:53 Treat Me Good (J. Higgs)
  5. 2:54 Dreamland (A. Johnson, N. Livingston)
Side Two
  1. 2:42 Can't You See (P. Tosh)
  2. 2:42 Rolling Stone (B. Dylan, N. Livingston)
  3. 1:52 Don't Look Back (W. Robinson, R. White)
  4. 3:05 I Stand Predominant (N. Livingston)
  5. 2:34 When the Well Runs Dry (trad., adapted by N. Livingston)
  6. 3:07 I Need You So (W. Robinson)

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