Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ol kantri - a quiz

So according to the Tok Pisin Wikipedia, the following are country names in the Tok Pisin language - the Tok Pisin language is an English-based creole, and as such you can pick out the meanings of a good many words just by looking at them and thinking about them. So all of the following are countries in the world - what are their names translated into 'standard' English?
  1. Ostrelia
  2. Posugol
  3. Suwidan
  4. Niu Silan
  5. Ol Yunaitet Stet
  6. Ijip
  7. Aialan
  8. Pranis
  9. Siamani
  10. Siapan
The answers appear below. Click to see them.

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