Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Japanese Kit-Kat Experience

So I've finally lost my Japanese Kit-Kat virginity.

Ever since stumbling upon a site on the internet enumerating the crazily large number of flavours of Kit-Kat chocolate bars available in Japan, I've wanted to give them a try. I had a friend returning to Japan for a one-minth stay, and I asked her to pick up some 'unusual Japanese flavours' of Kit-Kat.

I should point out that from a Canadian perspective any flavour of Kit-Kat is unusual. All we have is... well, Kit-Kat flavour. Chocolate and wafer flavour. So, you know, I'd have been impressed with banana flavour.

My friend seemed to take the phrase 'Japanese flavour' literally, bringing back a handful of Kit-Kat bars flavoured with tastes quite unique to that island nation. Well, one was 'melon flavour' (and quite realistic that one was, too), which is perhaps not overly Japanese. In addition, there was 'sakura flavour' (which tastes nothing like strawberries, really - it didn't taste like much of anything, though it was nice), 'matcha flavour' (which really did taste like that powdery green tea - but not overpoweringly so), 'edamame flavour' (which tasted a bit like edamame, but I'd have never guessed that without looking at the label), and the infamous 'wasabi flavour' - yes, a chocolate bar flavoured like wasabi. And it was - a grace note of wasabi that you didn't notice until after you swallowed the chocolate. It was very mild and, honestly, not too bad, really. Still very much a 'dare-you' thing, for my Japanese friend as much as for myself, but the result was not offensive. Which is not the strongest of praises, I accept.

Wikipedia lists plenty of other flavours that I... well, never say never, but that might come low on my list of 'things to try before I die'. To whit: 'soy sauce flavour', 'sports drink flavour', 'hamburger flavour', 'sweet potato flavour', 'beet flavour' and 'grilled corn flavour'.


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