Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crossing the Border at the "Top of the World"

This picture is a Canadian / American border crossing. If you cross at Rainbow Bridge or in that hellacious Windsor-Detroit tunnel, crossing the Canadian-American border is a huge ordeal involving long line-ups and big buildings. On the other hand, there's this... This is the border crossing on the 'Top of the World' Highway, between Alaska and the Yukon. Perhaps the very border Sarah Palin's family crossed back in the day to get free medical treatment for her brother.

To get the full effect, blow up the picture by clicking on it. This is an amazing picture, I think (swiped from Google Maps, of course). When you think of junk-touching airport security, biometric passports and the border fence along the Rio Grande, recall this humble photo: this is how difficult it is to get into the USA. If you want to get into the USA, you certainly can - you just need to choose your border crossings carefully.

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