Monday, March 7, 2011

L'argent et le vote ethnique

I had a wonderful dream last night.

I dreamt that we did have a spring election, and that under the intensified spotlight that an election campaign can bring, the Conservatives started to wilt in public opinion.

I dreamt that the In-and-Out scandal, where the Tories have shown contempt of election law by funnelling money between the federal office and local riding riding offices with impunity, and Jason Kenney's scandal, where a partisan shill for more money to target 'ethnic voters' was sent out on official government letter head, tainted the Conservative brand so irreparably that the party, who was in no small part elected on the back of umbrage at Liberal scandal, was soundly defeated at the election that we're very probably going to see this spring. A scandal involving money, and a scandal involving the ethnic vote.

And Stephen Harper, red-faced and humbled, strolls in front of the cameras to deliver his concession speech at his riding headquarters in Calgary. Addressing Albertans, who had continued to support him and his party in large numbers, he says, "Let's stop talking about 'Albertans', shall we? Let's talk about 'us'. And it is true that we have been defeated. But by what? By money and the ethnic vote...

L'argent et le vote ethnique... Seems like the downfall of every radical politician in Canada who gets a bit too assured of his victory.

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