Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Progressive Party

Been doing some number-crunching. You want to see?

It looks like this.

It's me playing with numbers based around a thought I keep returning to again and again: that the left in Canada is divided. But when people say that, they mean mostly the combined Liberal and NDP vote. I would counter that that represents not the left but the non-right, which is not the same thing. Liberal interests and progressive interests overlap from time to time, but not often enough to consider them truly the 'same camp'. No, when I talk about the progressive voice, I'm talking about the NDP, the BQ and the Greens. Yes, many rightist or centrist seperatists vote BQ. And many rightist or centrist environmentalists vote Green. But the platforms of those two parties overlaps those of the NDP much more than the Liberals' platform does.

Hell, just read what I wrote over a year ago.

We're probably hours away from writs being dropped. And I'm not overly optimistic that this next election will serve progressives well. But after that? Well, who knows?

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