Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fresca, Yummy Pain.

Fresca doesn't advertise, it seems. It just sits there, unnoticed and unloved, on the shelf. I think I always presumed it was a drink for middle-aged housewives or something like that. It so happens that it's 'grapefruit flavour'. It doesn't taste much like anything that grows on trees, actually. If it taste like anything, it tastes like pain: it's seriously acidic, and it burns going down.

Yet somehow Fresca is totally completely awesome. I discovered it only last year, and lament all those sad Frescaless years of my life so far. I'm not the biggest fan, all told, of pop, and certainly not of The Coca-Cola Company™, the official soft drink of Evil. Yet there's something guiltlessly refreshing about the drink, it quenches your thirst and makes you not feel like a sell-out. Damn, that's impressive.

Note: the Coca-Cola has not given my dime one for shilling their products, the filthy whores.

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