Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bungle Jerry Takes On Sporcle

So do you know Sporcle, the online quiz site? It's pretty decent. There are fun quizzes to be had, and lots of iffy ones too. I decided to go as random as possible, by clicking on the 'random quiz' button and doing whichever quiz it gave me, regardless if it was something I knew or not. How'd I do? Not bad this time out, as it happens:
  1. - This one is about MLB pitchers who have pitched Perfect Games - something that is seemingly pretty tough to do since it only happens every few years and only happened twice between 1908 and 1964. I know nothing about baseball, so I spent a few minutes guessing random common Anglo and Hispanic surnames. I got 1/20, having blagged '(Randy) Johnson'. I didn't get the awesome name Catfish Hunter, or Kenny Rogers, who knows when to hold 'em.
  2. - This jokey and buggy quiz wants you to fill in the chorus to Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. You get a minute to deal with its poor presentation and answer six lines (the two 'ands' are fused together, annoyingly). I got 6/6 though, because I like that song unironically.
  3. - Rolling Stone covers, name the person depicted. Pretty easy, really, since few were especially modern. I completely blanked on 50 Cent to the point that I came up with 'Curtis Jackson' (it doesn't accept it) before his nom de plume. Cheated in the end, though, after more than a minute wasted, so while it showed 40, let's be honest and call it 39/40.
  4. - This was tough enough just to figure out what they were getting at. It's a rough 'crossword', in a really loose sense of the word. I completed it, which to them means I got 110/110. Woo-hoo!
  5. - This rather lame idea presents book or play synopses as 'Facebook updates'. Whatever, but the choices were well-considered. I'm not the most well-read person, so I'm pleased with my 9/17. Two of the answers I'd never even heard of.
  6. - Countries with the most internet users. In other words, name as many first world and/or well populated countries as you can in four minutes. I got 20/20.
  7. - A silly quiz that puns on the name of computer keys like 'control' and 'tab'. I got 13/13, which entailed wild guessing on the 'hurricane' one (there are only so many named keys on the keyboard).
  8. - Square chunks of movie posters, you guess the movie. Good idea, and I did way better than I had any right to do, not being that much of a movie guy. I got 18/24, and the ones I didn't get I'd by and large never even heard of.

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