Sunday, July 3, 2011

Secular Sunday Sermon: An Introduction

So a few years ago, I started a blog, under a different name, whose principal purpose was to redistribute some entries I'd written a few years before that, in a different blog under a still-different alias. So now I've decided to re-redistribute them here. As they're all on the topic of religion, a topic that I've more-or-less avoided here so far, I was a bit hesitant. But what the hell. Some of them are very good indeed, and why not allow them a new audience? The second blog was called, "Secular Sunday Sermon", and I'm preserving that name here. I'll also keep the idea of putting them out on Sundays. Since... since, duh.

Anyway, once they get going, I'm going to include the banner on each one, but I'm not going to do any explanations about them; I'm just going to include them here verbatim. I'll probably skip some of them too as suits my purpose. Starting next week! Yay.

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