Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The GoToQuiz Political Spectrum Quiz in Full: Part Two

Here's part two. Check out part one for details, which I can't be bothered to write out in full a second time.

14. If our leader meets with our enemies, it makes us appear weak. Disagree strongly: How could someone confuse intransigence with strength?

15. We must use our military from time to time to protect our supply of oil, to avoid a national crisis.: Disagree strongly: Brazenly using the word 'oil' almost makes this look like a joke. But I know some people still said they agreed.

16. Strong gun ownership rights protect the people against tyranny. Disagree strongly: Absolute nonsense. Strong gun ownership laws protect the people against gun crime. It's a proven fact.

17. It makes no sense to say 'I'm spiritual but not religious.' Disagree strongly: It makes no sense to say what makes sense and what doesn't about another person's view on matters spiritual.

18. It is not government's responsibility to regulate pollution. Disagree strongly: Who else is going to do it?

19. Gay marriage should be forbidden. Disagree strongly: In addition to health care, the other thing I feel most strongly about. That we're still talking fundamental civil rights in 2011 is mind-boggling.

20. It should be against the law to use hateful language toward another racial group. Agree: I do believe this, though according to American logic it makes me 'authoritarian'. But America is the land where an irrational dedication to individual rights is allowed to override any sense whatsoever of civic responsibility. It's also the land where people will defend the Westboro Baptist Church's right to spout their garbage wherever they want. Not me, sir.

21. Government should ensure that all citizens meet a certain minimum standard of living. Agree strongly: I can't see why we even have a government if we don't think this is what a government ought to be doing.

22. It is wrong to enforce moral behavior through the law because this infringes upon an individual's freedom. Agree: I think there's a matter to be discussed regarding moral behaviour and their effects upon others. I think that gay marriage and marijuana use are qjuite different from gun ownership and hate speech. I'll go to the wire to defend freedoms that don't inringe on others' freedoms. But I don't really have any tolerance for people who will use a sense of 'freedom' to break down the bonds we have in society to one another.

23. Immigration restrictions are economically protectionist. Non-citizens should be allowed to sell their labor domestically at a rate the market will pay. Disagree: Not strongly, though. I think we do have some horribly protectionist immigration laws.

24. An official language should be set, and immigrants should have to learn it. Disagree: I almost agree with this one, actually. I think having a set national language - or languages - is only a logical thing to do. I have no problem with some kind of linguistic requirement for 'economic immigrants' - I don't think it's especially necessary, since an economic immigrant will de facto have to learn the language, but making it a requirement is fine by me. What makes me say 'disagree' though is the fact of relatives: I think an immigrant from, say, Vietnam should be able to bring his parents over. Requiring those people, who may be senior citizens, to grapple with English or French seems pretty pointless to me.

25. Whatever maximizes economic growth is good for the people. Disagree: Again, it's the absolute way in which the question is worded. I'm not entirely against free-market economics; I think they merely need to be grounded in a respect for humanity. Which is why I put 'disagree' - there are plenty of ways to maximise economic growth that ultimately hurt individuals, society or the environment. Whenever that happens, economic growth matters less than rectifying the problem.

26. Racial issues will never be resolved. It is human nature to prefer one's own race. Disagree strongly: Ridiculous. There are millions of people who are living proof of the falsehood of this statement.

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