Wednesday, July 20, 2011

A few things you might enjoy

So here's some stuff floating around on this blog I feel like calling attention to again:
  1. "Dare": a Short Story - A story whose main plotline just might have been plagiarised.
  2. The Fifteen Best Flags in the World - One of my 'greatest hits', a very popular post indicating the flags I think are most beautiful.
  3. The Magazine Rack: March 1975 - A look at what a variety of magazines had on their covers the day I was born, in March 1975. I have a follow-up for March 1985 that I've sat on for, like, a year now. I ought to dig it up.
  4. The Google Journey to Inuvik - I'm quite fond of this one, actually. It's a look at Google Street View images from Canada's far north. I find it quite romantic.
  5. Breaking the Rhyme: Four Songs that Would Have Rhymed with a Different Singer - An esoteric one, I admit. It's about songs whose writers spoke different accents than their singers and thus rhymed words differently. An odd little observation, I suppose. But I like language.
  6. Buffy Doppelgängers - I love Buffy the Vampure Slayer. So much, in fact, that I can geek out like this.
  7. A Hundred Pictures of Theo - Yes, it's Theo Huxtable, distorted and stuck into historical situations and God knows what else.
  8. Subway Systems Around the World: A Quiz - I do like Google Maps Street View. Here I'm using it to peer at subways.
  9. 'Wikipedia' in Various Languages - How to translate Wikipedia into languages you didn't even know existed.
And here's a picture of soy sauce, for no good reason whatsoever.

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