Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Aw! Baby Animals! Oh! Bloodshed!

Hey, look! It's animals! On TV! Aw, look. It's a baby animal, snuggling next to its mother. Oh, cool. It's an animal running through the woods. Er... wait, it's an animal snapping another animal's neck. Hm. Now it's an animal tearing pieces of flesh from another animal whose leg is still twitching...

I don't get this at all. Nature documentaries = awesome. Blood, guts and carnage = less so. Why is it that people who make nature documentaries don't realise this? I suppose they just spend so much time surrounded by footage of carnage that they get used to it.

There needs to be like a red dot on the screen that means "yeah, it's all baby penguins kissing each other now, but in thirty seconds it's going to be a bloodbath". You know, to allow you ample time to change the channel.

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