Thursday, February 24, 2011

Safe Hope Talk, Free Wake Time

Three years ago, I had an idea to use the internet to re-explore 'cut-up' poetry - what William S. Burroughs did probably too much of back in the day - taking random phrases and juxtaposing them to see what comes out. To that end, I tried typing three arbitrary words into Google's search engine and then choosing random phrases from the hits that popped up (limiting myself to the first 100 hits and only those parts of the sentences that appear on the search pages). I then attempted to throw the phrases together to something approaching grammatically correct sentences. And then, voilĂ ! My very own 'found poetry'.

To what extent I can really claim to be the 'writer' of these is, of course, debatable. To what extent they can be considered 'poetry' is equally debatable.

That they can be considered 'complete nonsense' is, of course, undoubted.

Safe Hope Talk

let's hope the storm forgets
to leave your baby in a safe place
after a safe drive through branch-covered streets
into her arms safe from her father's sudden clumsiness

no matter how you are feeling
will you set the gun down and
do something to heal and empower
weapons of war, of hate, and we are safe

a little reading
can be very scary at first
with drugs
God and people you trust
have different goals
to prevent the next baby
we hope you'll kill
the shrink and his wife
with an emphasis on gold

sex for positive reasons
is cheap; stupid people don't realize that
they just don't feel safe doing it in churches
because they stay low down
in the hope than things will be okay afterwards

sometimes walls and doors
are not as soundproof as one would hope

Free Wake Time

it's good that we can communicate here
I have issues
your precious time
is not appropriate here

somehow I'm thinking
this has the potential to be
the one I set free
the only limiting factor is time
when you're unhappy for a long enough period

the individual must actually wake up
at the time of death
the core location was unaffected by
the damage that men do
to resume breathing
kiss your pillow good-bye
only if
the national media
gives the ability to provide predictions
for the time being

it sounds like
all of these tremendous volumes of options
grow stronger with time
they play along
they encourage the creativity and enterprise of their people
but are they really powerless?

wearing dark glasses and suit
that kid was so messed up
until the family left
nothing is ever free

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