Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Resolution, One Month In

OC Great Park Balloon, Irvine, CAImage by tallys14 via FlickrSo I decided that in 2011 I would update this particular blog every single day, as opposed to about two or three times a week, as I had been doing. I'm one month in, and while I've pulled it off so far, it hasn't been all that easy. It's taken a good deal of effort, even though some of what I've posted has been knocked-off rubbish. The effort has meant, of necessity, that some other blogs I keep have fallen by the wayside. By now probably 70% of the 'blog work' I do is for this blog and this one alone.

But it's been worth it. I've enjoyed pushing myself, and at least some of what I've done has been worth the effort. I'm seeing an increase in visitors to the blog, but what is intriguing is that the hits are all over the place. Where before the vast majority of traffic to my blog came to see only about five different entries or so, now they're coming in all over the place. Perhaps Google is rewarding me for having a decently active blog. I'm not getting huge numbers so far, but let's see - maybe they're forthcoming. And if they are, what I might do is slowly republish old moribund blogs here - do what maybe I whould have done in the first place, just kept all of my blog-babblings in one place. I've decided to do that with one particular relic-blog, called 'Makes No Sense at All', and maybe I'll do that for others too.

But I think I'll carry on with the entry-a-day thing (in fact, I've averaged slightly more than one a day). Maybe some time before 2012 I'll actually have regular readers (God forbid), but if I don't, well, at least I'll have enjoyed what I'm doing.
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