Monday, February 7, 2011

Blogwhoring: Album Cover Gallery

I'll be honest: the reason I started 'Album Cover Gallery' was pretty much just that I'd made a few blog entries with album covers as illustrations, and I noticd that they seemed to bring visitors. So the idea was a way to kind of mass-dump covers in the hopes they'd drag people in.

That's not how it turned out though. To start with, I found a cool but time-consuming Javascript application that let me 'caption' the pictures without looking too ugly. Then I got to thinking I should talk about the covers. The end result is that I barely manage one entry a month. Which is silly, of course: I ought to be doing more. But I feel as though I'm going them right. So far, I've looked at New Order, Chicago, Depeche Mode, P. Funk, Impulse! Records, Jandek and Björk. Maybe some I've forgotten, too.

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