Friday, February 18, 2011

My Greatest Hits

As of yesterday, here are my 'greatest hits' in all of my blogs: the blog entries that have had more than 500 page views. Yay. It looks like overall I should just give up trying to say anything and just go into porn. Porn and album covers.
  1. Album Covers with Naked Boobies, 6,815 views.
  2. The 15 Worst Flags of the World, 1,718 views.
  3. Weezer Cover Gallery, 1,185 views.
  4. A Compendium of Rather Rude Place Names, 1,118 views.
  5. More Album Covers with Naked Boobies, 1,057 views.
  6. Depeche Mode Single Cover Gallery, Part One, 973 views.
  7. The 15 Best Flags of the World, 938 views.
  8. Hipgnosis Selected Album Covers Part 1: 1968-1973, 916 views.
  9. Parliament / Funkadelic Cover Gallery, 782 views.
  10. Jailbait, 613 views.
  11. Montréal's Best Public Schools, 558 views.
  12. Montréal's Best Private High Schools, 541 views
  13. Canadian Political Party Logos: the Superhuge Version, 525 views.
Yay. I keep like 100 blogs and it turns out only four have any entries that have surpassed the 500 mark.

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