Friday, February 11, 2011

Flag Counter

So I have one. A Flag Counter, that is. You might notice. It lies, actually: it shows combined totals for all of my blogs (well, most of them: some blogs I've never gotten around to adding this to) and only for the past twelve months or so.

Pointless numbers, really. The USA leads, more than twice as many hits as number two, which is Canada (not surprising since I talk about Canadian stuff a fair bit). The UK and Australia are also in the top five, so language is clearly an issue - outside of the 'anglosphere', it's the Germans most willing to struggle to understand what I write.

What I like, though, is how it keeps track of each individual country that has accessed your page. Okay, so plenty of American have seen this blog. Fine. But it's the nooks and crannies, the tinier or more off-the-beaten-path countries that intrigue.

For instance: obviously people have come from the UK and from Ireland. But the flag-enhanced map of the world on Flag Counter shows, around those two, that I've had one visiter each from the Faroe Islands and from the Isle of Man, and two each from Jersey and Guernsey. In the Pacific, I've had one person from French Polynesia, four from Papua New Guinea and five from Guam. While it shows, intriguingly, not a single visitor from the People's Republic of China (which bans Blogspot, though Blogspot's own stats show Chinese visitors), I've had 63 from Taiwan, 43 from Hong Kong and one only from Macau. There are 18 African flags on my map, including Djibouti and Mauritius. I've had visitors from every South American country except Guyana and French Guiana, every Central American country, and buttoads of Caribbean countries, including Anguilla and the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Flag Counter says it's a total of 146 countries, and quite surprisingly 117 of those have had more than one visitor. It's a pity that it only gives simple numbers: I don't know what on my sites was intriguing to that one person from Liechtenstein or that one from Tajikistan, those two from Rwanda, those four from Palestine, six people from Brunei and nine from Nepal. I do wonder, though.

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