Saturday, February 5, 2011

Something I've Never Understood About Live Albums

So here's something I've never understood.

You're a band. You put on a good live show. You decide it's time to put out the god ol' "Live Album". You record one of your concerts. Your concert, as all in history do, features a whole bunch of songs. You play one song, the audience cheers, you say, "Thank you very much. This one's called 'Blah-Blah'." Or perhaps you're Bruce Springsteen and launch into a five-minute 'rap' about the next song.

Either way, here's the thing. If you're talking about the upcoming song, and you decide not to delete it from the CD, why oh God why do you split the two tracks between the introduction and the song itself? Has no one ever told musicians that that makes no sense? It means that when you're listening to live music on shuffle, the artist will say, "This next song is called 'Blah-Blah', and then an entirely different song will come on. It makes no sense.

Sorry. Had to get that off my chest.

Incidentally, another thing I love: how approximately one-third of the audience will cheer when the singer says, 'This next song's called "Blah Blah"', another one-third when the music begins, and then that last one-third who only recognise the song once the vocals kick in. I love that one-third. Someone else bought their tickets for them that evening.
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